About Us

What's Swing and Fling? 

We at Swing and Fling want designs that cater to what we women want in our 20s. We want jewelry to reflect who we are and what we do. We want to give the power to accessorize back to all of us. 

Hence, we craft only 18K-Gold pieces and handpick quality diamonds, with focuses on details, comfort, and fashion. 

We don’t have a set, traditional definition of what Swing and Fling means. The best we could do is to come up with moments when we thought the right kind of jewelry would be needed for the right type of girl. And if you think about it, these are what make up Swing and Fling. 

"Mornings in the city, on the go to beat the rush hour, and needing some earrings to match my shirt and blouse." 

"Coffee runs during work with my fabulous sisters"

"Throwing the day aside and going out to dance the night away"

"Breakfast brunches with avocado, lots of avocado"

"Full moons and cool nights, and that excited feeling you get as a first date may lead to a second"

"A rock concert with your fav band playing" 

"Shopping the new jean line" 

"Yoga sessions so good that you're swinging and flinging (in the inside)" 

"prepping for that power meeting with the boss" 

"beating traffic with loud tunes from my fav radio station." 

"Casual weekend walks around the city." 


These moments inspired us to finally start and offer our lines to you. 

We want to make a line that would fit our everyday lives, our activities, and our personalities. We realize that everyone has their own thing going, and that's perfect! This place is for any woman who needs something for her own swing and fling moment. 

What does Swing and Fling mean for you? Shop our line now and find out.